Supply Chain & Logistics

A Patient Driven and Partner Focused Supply Chain  

At RoslinCT, our cell therapy Supply Chain team works with our partners to manage materials and logistics with patients in mind. With facilities in Edinburgh and Boston, we can offer fast and secure global distribution of your cell-based products.

What We Can Do

With our patient-driven, partner-focused supply chain, we know that everything we manage, source, qualify and onboard, is critical to creating a quality product that will have an impact on patients’ lives.

We are here to make the supply chain more robust for our partners, maintaining an adaptable and flexible approach.

RoslinCT can liaise with your collection centers and clinical sites to ensure efficient patient/donor material and product movement throughout the entire supply chain. Product and materials are closely tracked, ensuring security and visibility through manufacturing, testing, disposition, and distribution.


We have robust processes to streamline supply chain and logistics efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Experienced supply chain management
  • Procurement and strategic sourcing
  • Raw material onboarding and risk assessment
  • Supplier qualification in collaboration with the Quality Assurance department
  • Collaboration with partners including qualified couriers, shipment and material tracking
  • Support of partners’ production schedule
  • A range of both ambient (15-25°C) and cold chain storage capabilities of 2-8°C, -20°C, -80°C and -180°C (LN2/VPN)

Chain of Identity (COI) and Chain of Custody (COC) 

Our COI and COC processes are fully validated. Once we receive notification of inbound donor/patient material, we begin our tracking efforts. COI and COC are strictly maintained through receipt, manufacturing, storage, and transport, with transparent communication with our partner throughout the process.


Robust Support Provided at RoslinCT

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Supply Chain Risk Reduction

We strive to de-risk the supply chain in Procurement and Strategic Sourcing by researching alternatives and qualifying secondary providers, resulting in a more robust supply chain.


Materials Cost Savings

By providing our partners the option to source shared raw materials, we achieve an economy of scale that enables the reduction in the overall cost of goods.

Navigating Cell Therapy Supply Chain Challenges

From the cell therapy industry’s unique challenges to its innovative solutions, in our Q&A, our internal experts talk about how to navigate supply chain and logistics challenges.


Purpose-Built Facilities

We provide robust and reliable supply chain management support to drive operational excellence for our partners.

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