Environmental, Social, and Governance

Sustainability at RoslinCT 

At RoslinCT we build progressive partnerships that deliver life-saving cell & gene therapies to patients in need. We understand the need to do so in a sustainable way – minimizing our environmental footprint; delivering social impact for our employees, patients, and communities; acting as responsible citizens, and promoting good governance.

Sustainability at RoslinCT

Living within our limits

Increasing climate change impacts global health in a number of ways. Exposure to extreme weather events, heat, poor air and water quality, biodiversity loss, and reduced food security can lead to failings in health systems, lack of leadership and governance, poor service delivery, and an increased lack of medical products and technologies in the global regions that need them most.

Climate-related health outcomes, as a result, include increased mortality, heat-related illnesses, respiratory illnesses, and non-communicable diseases such as cancers and diabetes.

As an advanced cell & gene therapy CDMO we are committed to doing all we can to minimise our scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, increase our use of renewable energy and reduce our climate impact.

Sustainability at RoslinCT

People and patients

Our mission is to save the lives of patients around the world, by empowering our partners to efficiently progress cell & gene therapies. We achieve this by fostering a culture of excellence by investing in our people, promoting learning and development, and a safe, inclusive, and fulfilling working environment.

We strive to harness our enthusiasm for scientific discovery and excellence and influence the next generation of leaders. We work with our partners to donate our time and equipment across our communities and in our classrooms and provide all our employees with the opportunity to undertake giving and volunteering activities.

Often it is the world’s most vulnerable people that do not have access to the medicines they need to fight disease and strengthen their quality of life. At RoslinCT we recognize the breadth and depth of global healthcare inequity and understand that as an integral part of a value chain, we have a role to play in addressing the issue. We will partner with international healthcare charities to ensure funding is directed towards initiatives that increase access to essential medicines and products.


Governance & Ethics

At RoslinCT sustainability is everyone’s responsibility, regardless of their position in the organization. We will create a network of sustainability champions across the organization to lead by example and influence others to implement sustainable behaviours in the workplace and at home.

Our Senior Leadership Team has a responsibility to monitor performance and provide guidance to the Sustainability Management Team, which is led by our Head of Sustainability.

Our approach is one of complete transparency around our sustainability journey, providing regular disclosures and updates on our goals, KPIs and roadmaps for longer terms initiatives. This is reinforced through our codes of conduct for employees and suppliers, and our policies on sustainability, human rights, EHS, and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion.

Sustainability at RoslinCT
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