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Our history

Following the groundbreaking first cloning of a mammal (Dolly the Sheep) at the Roslin Institute within the University of Edinburgh (UK) in 1996, there was worldwide interest to access Roslin’s technology and expertise. RoslinCT was established in 2006 to translate this cutting-edge science and apply it to the development of human medicines.

RoslinCT, as one of the first in the world to produce clinical-grade human pluripotent stem cells, has a strong focus on science and innovation. In collaboration with Vertex Pharmaceuticals, RoslinCT developed, from early process development through commercialization, the First CRISPR-Edited Cell Therapy Product, exa-cel for the treatment of sickle cell disease and transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia.

A significant part of developing its global services more recently, has been the acquisition of a large state-of-the-art facility in Boston. In addition to allowing the company to expand its array of services, this has also enhanced expertise, resources, and transatlantic cGMP manufacturing capabilities to support the development and commercialization of advanced cell & gene therapies worldwide.

Throughout its history, RoslinCT has prided itself on not overpromising, but delivering, on behalf of its clients, advanced cell and gene products acceptable to regulators around the world.


Mission, Vision & Values

We are working with our partners to provide new life-saving autologous and allogeneic therapies for patients worldwide.
Mission Mission
Begin with the End in Mind

Accelerating Human
Health Together

Forging partnerships through delivery and innovation.

Vision Vision

The Difference
Is Personal

It’s not about what we do – it’s about why we do what we do.

Values Values
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Patient Driven,
Partner Focused

With innovation, we support our people, partners, and patients.


Environmental, Social, and Governance

Creating a sustainable future is everyone’s responsibility and at RoslinCT we take that responsibility seriously.

Climate change is impacting global health and putting pressure on healthcare systems which can lead to further global inequalities. That’s why we are committed to delivering better, faster and more accessible healthcare through our focus on our people, our clients, and our communities, and that’s why we are committed to decarbonizing our business, delivering greener healthcare solutions, and leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Bringing Advanced

Cell & Gene Therapies to
More Patients Every Day

About Us

Why We Do What We Do

Transforming Lives Through Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy with Our Partners

Impacting patient lives inspires RoslinCT to maintain our standard of quality, production efficiency, and work culture. The patients we reach with our life-saving treatments are our motivation and passion for what we do.

RoslinCT takes a collaborative and communicative service-based approach with our partners. We recognize the challenges of cell therapy product development and seek to leverage our capabilities to enable our partners to achieve corporate milestones as efficiently as possible.

RoslinCT is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation regarding cell therapy manufacturing and supportive analytics. This enables the RoslinCT scientific team to provide our partners with advice regarding manufacturing and analytical strategies.

The combination of our commitment to innovation, our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facility, and our experienced team, has established RoslinCT as a leading CDMO in the cell & gene therapy industry.

We put quality and integrity at the heart of the business to make sure we provide you with the trust that your life-changing therapy is on the right pathway to commercialization.

We show commitment to working to the highest quality standards and deliver reliable yet flexible and accommodating expert services to accelerate the route to market for our partners.

Our Leadership Team

Industry Pioneers in Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy

We are a team of passionate professionals with decades of experience in the cell therapy industry

RoslinCT Edinburgh Management Team

RoslinCT Boston Management Team

Board of Directors

Scientific Advisory Board

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