RoslinCT can establish comprehensive cold chain custody for all of your cryostorage requirements.

Storage of cell-based products can be arranged in vapour-phase liquid nitrogen. Our storage facility is equipped with automated temperature monitoring systems to ensure the security of all stored starting materials and finished drug products.

Global distribution of your cell-based products can be arranged using validated shipping procedures. Selected couriers will be employed using dry shippers with constant temperature monitoring capabilities to ensure consistent conditions for your product while in transit. RoslinCT’s close proximity to both Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports provides for cost-effective logistics solutions to at least 27 major European cities within 24 hours, and worldwide access within 48 hours, connecting via London or other European centres.

RoslinCT can liaise with your distribution centres and clinical sites to ensure efficient data management through the entire supply chain from manufacturing through to product acceptance at the clinic for secure patient treatment.

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