The field of cell and gene therapy is transforming patient treatment and bringing a cell or gene therapy to market is a challenging project that requires expertise, commitment and the right partner to support you through the journey. At RoslinCT our mission is to help you change people’s lives.

cell and gene therapy, Scotland, cleanroom, GMPAt the heart of RoslinCT is a dynamic, highly experienced team that will understand your goals and will partner with you to get your therapy to market efficiently and effectively.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients overcome the challenges of bringing their life-saving therapy to market through our cutting edge process development and manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure.

As an ambitious partner, we work with you as you develop your pipeline and grow and expand your business. As a trusted partner we will provide the infrastructure and know-how whilst ensuring your projects are delivered on time and budget. We put quality and integrity at the heart of the business to make sure we provide you with the trust that your life-changing therapy is on the right pathway to commercialisation.