Our Mission

At RoslinCT we believe that the best way to support our clients is to provide superior development and manufacturing services, combined with expert advice, value and support at every stage of the journey to help them bring the next generation advanced therapies to patients in need.

Our Vision

To lead the field in cell and gene therapy manufacturing and to be the global partner of choice. Building success on expert knowledge and aiming for progressive partnerships with the drive to deliver life-changing cell-based products.

Our Values


We have the drive to ensure success and to help you get your products to market on time and budget. We understand your commercial needs and expectations and are focused on the delivery of safe, efficacious therapeutic products.


We put Quality at the heart of our business. Each member of our team is accountable for upholding our GMP standards and operating within our robust quality management systems, built from years of experience within the field.


We aim to work in partnership and to form an effective joint team. We are committed to our customers and will openly communicate and support you throughout the product development pathway, leading to prosperous and long-lasting relationships.


Building on our experience we will strive to overcome problems and drive innovation within the advanced therapies industry and in delivering patient health.


We will demonstrate the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all our actions and will be accountable in every interaction with our customers.